Who Influenced You in 2013?

The end of the calendar year has come and gone. That means this is a great time for reflection and planning. It is a time that many people review the goals they set the previous year and develop their new list (which many times just includes the old list reworded) for the upcoming year.  I have done this for years and I am sure I will do it for 2014 in some form or fashion.

However, this year, I am adding a new component to my assessment of 2013.  I believe that God intended us to be in community with people and to allow people to speak into our lives as we speak into others.  As I have started to reflect on 2013, there is a list of people that have had great influence on me personally and professionally.  They have either invested themselves into me  (directly or indirectly) and my continued development, or have been there for me as an accepting friend, confidant, advisor, etc. Now, for the sake of space and to not come across as being politically correct, my list does not include God, my wife, parents or siblings.  Those are my rocks and constant influencers. I’m also not going to list the negative people in my life in 2013. No need to talk about the haters.

Here is the 2013 list of Influencers on Tim Miller….not in any particular order:

Keith Ehresman – Thank you for allowing me to confide in you and for speaking into my life and growth. You continue to challenge me and help me mature in ways you will never know. You see the positive in me when all I can see around me is negative. Thanks for shoveling snow with me every winter too. 

Mark Waltz – Reading your books brings joy to my life. You constantly are seeking out fresh and innovative ways to capture “First Impressions” in the church. Thanks for your time, efforts and late nights writing, editing and publishing your books. 

Steve Hill – You have taught me so much on what it looks like to be a disciple of Christ. The early mornings at McDonald’s will be memories I’ll never forget. Your sacrifice of time and family has and always will mean so much to me. 

Quincy Bike Club – Your influence on my short time of riding has been tremendous. The community we have together is phenomenal. Thanks for never letting me and others give up when we get “dropped”. Thanks for waiting for the slow man back in back. Thanks for allowing me to join in on the weekly rides.

Ryan Falkenrath – Thanks to you, I’m becoming a better swimmer. You will make my triathlon experiences much more enjoyable. Thanks for being there when I ask the most outrageous questions. Thanks for pushing me to get better. 

Andrew Messick – You do not know me… but what you do daily inspires me. I can’t wait to tackle Ironman 70.3 Kansas. Thanks CEO! 

Ann Voskamp – Your blogs inspire my wife. They point her directly to the Gospel. I can’t thank you enough for that. 

If you are not listed above, please do not take offense or feel slighted.  This list could have had many more people and included so many of you. Thank you for your influence.

So, as you reflect back on 2013, who would be on your list?

Another important question is, are you on anyone else’s list? What have you done to impact and influence others this past year in a way that made them a better person…personally, professionally, intellectually and spiritually?

Happy Cold 2014.



About Tim Miller

Coffee drinker, Outdoorsman, Cyclist and a fan of the University of Texas Longhorns! Love following Christ. I lead the First Impressions ministry at Madison Park Christian Church.

One response to “Who Influenced You in 2013?”

  1. Ann Voskamp@Holy Experience says :

    Jesus is our unspeakable treasure.
    Love washing the feet of your wife, sir, as she faithfully pours out for Him.
    All is grace…
    Ann Voskamp

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